Ready-Mix Concrete Remover. The most biodegradable and environmentally friendly concrete remover
CHISEL is so effective that it turns
concrete into an easily removed mud.
After 10 minutes, it can be wiped off
by a finger.

CHISEL is a high foaming formula

that improves coverage and performance,

while reducing waste.

• Sugar Based Concrete Remover
• Safe for Equipment and Fleet Vehicles
• Will Not Etch Glass
• Safe for Metal and Better Employee Safety
• Cherry Scented and Non-Irritating
• Fast Acting on Concrete and Lime
• Descales and Cleans

Directions: Apply CHISEL to vehicle, equipment, or tools. Apply by spraying area to be cleaned starting at the bottom and working upwards. Allow cleaner to penetrate and dissolve soil for at least 15 minutes. Reapply for heavy soil. Rinse clean with fresh, high pressure water from a power washer. Safe for use on glass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome, or steel.